About Greenwheels

Green Wheels is an initiative of the Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) Automotive Partnership involving RACV, EPA Victoria and Future Climate Australia. 
The Partnership was formed to:
  • Reduce the greenhouse impact of transport by promoting the purchase of LEVs
  • Provide credible guidance for vehicle buyers in response to the recurring question “What car do I buy?”
  • Promote collaboration between those involved in the issue of sustainable transportation.
  • Raise awareness of emerging technologies and fuels and their potential to help meet the transport greenhouse challenge
Future Climate Australia runs the program, and is a not-for-profit organization established to provide ‘climate-ready’ strategies for individuals, business and government.
RACV is Victoria’s leading voice on transport safety and mobility issues.  It provides an interface with the motoring community, and expertise in the assessment of vehicles and technologies.

EPA Victoria uses innovative regulation and partnerships with business and industry to help drive good environmental outcomes into the future.
An advisory working group also exists in support of the LEV Partnership.  The working group is made up of the partners and supporters, who are all stakeholders in the automotive industry. These organizations provide industry perspective, support and marketing expertise.

The content of the website and editorial policy is provided solely by the LEV Partnership group, and is not influenced by the commercial interests of the industry Supporters.